Blue pillow – getting there. And a serger question.

We have a quilted pillow front:


In terms of quilting, I decided to ‘edgestitch the ditch’ as I really did not want any thread to cover up the colorful squares and I’m not so solid on ditch stitching yet.  I got fussy and surrounded each square but that’s it; I wanted this to look as clean as possible.  Fancy quilting often feels too old-fashioned for my personal taste.  Very pleased with this level.  Close up:


And now onto the back:  This pillow is replacing/revamping a chenille pillow that is sadly falling apart.  My original plan to reuse the original pillow backing turned out to be a no-go as, on closer examination, it is fraying badly.   I decided to piece the back using these two fabulous Michael Miller “Gypsy Bandana” designs which sadly seem no longer available:


Keeping with the ‘squares’ theme, I quilted large squares on the back.

Unfortunately when I took the falling apart pillow apart to get the stuffing, I discovered that it is merely stuffed and does not contain a ‘pillow form’ per se.  Since I like the way this pillow is going so much, I’m going to make it with a zipper so I can throw the cover in the wash as I’m sure the white will not easily remain white.  I cut down an old IKEA pillowcase (that was oversized and thus big enough (this pillow is a little under 20″), turned it inside-out and serged the other 3 sides.

IMG_0264I am new to serging and using mine was not as tricky as I’d remembered (threading in particular).  That said, I couldn’t get the tension quite right which was frustrating.  Anyone know about this?  All adjustments seemed to make it worse. This was the best it got.  Thoughts?


All that remains is inserting the zipper and sewing the cover together.  So close!  I do have a long-enough zipper in my stash but it’s invisible and it’s been a while.  So that’s a project for another day.  I did not expect this project to become so elaborate but I do feel like I learned/relearned a ton which is great. Can’t wait to get this in our apartment for real.  Nice.

Red Pillow – Still no resolution

After seeking advice on the red pillow that was becoming too ‘white’ for the white chair upon which it is set to reside, I decided to swap out the white for a hot pink or red subtle print.  I stumbled upon this at Pink Chalk Fabrics:


I’m picky so it’s rare that I see a fabric and just think “Oh my God – THAT”. This was absolutely one of those times. I ordered a yard and just for sh!ts and giggles put it over the seat cushion which I was planning to cover at some point, later.  Honestly, it looks fabulous so seat cover it is.   The red pillow remains as it was….


I did learn a few things here though.  I bought some other red print fabric at City Quilter but working with it it’s clear that despite the red center, I am really looking for hot pink to go with my brown and bright blue living room. So it’s back to the drawing board. But at least I solved that chair cover problem.  Isn’t it luscious?


Color conundrum

I sewed most of this up last night but, on this pillow, I’m not feeling the white.IMG_0244

I mean, I like it but I’m not sure about its visual pop in my living room.  I’m making it to go on an all white chair (which is in too much darkness to photograph at all realistically) and just feel like it is going to disappear.  Here are some photos of my living room generally so you can see the overall color scheme.  A lot of turquoise, dark brown and bright white.



IMG_0249(My grandmother made the above collage.)

In any event, I suppose I could just finish this pillow and keep it on the couch.  The contrast would pop a lot there.  Alternatively – for the white chair – I could swap out the white around the red crewel work piece and use that same color for around the squares (not shown yet) for an easy fix… perhaps hot pink?  Orange?  I just don’t know.  Color is something I am just learning about and getting better at.  I can’t tell if a bold color would be cool or just make my head explode.  Any artists or other quilters out there have an opinion on this?  Thanks!

Le sigh

You will recall this beauty I sewed up the other night:



IMG_0238And yet… look at the upper left corner.  I’m showing my age – or lack thereof – that it wasn’t until today that it occurred to me to double check the direction of the peace symbol fabric.



Yup.  That sucker is upside down. Instead of peace, I’m promoting… something else.  War?  Google results are unclear.  In any event, I’m feeling like I should rip it and flip it.  I’m using another square of it in the red pillow – that one I caught in time and sewed it directionally correctly.  So do I fix this one?  Will my inner perfectionist be able to overlook this GLARING ERROR now that I know it is there?

*checks in with gut*

Off to get the seam ripper….


Pillow progress

Not the greatest photo as it makes the squares look crooked (they are straighter than this/straight enough) but I’m very pleased with this.

IMG_0238Love the fabrics.  Next up will be to add some batting to the back and straight line quilt it.  I have no backing material yet for the pillow so I’m moving on to piecing Pillow 2 – which is a red combination.  Here’s a sneak peak:

IMG_0239The center is the crewel work square I made back in November.  I’m planning to do a white background similar to other pillow.  More soon.  Off to cut many small white pieces….