Lotta Jansdotter Mushmouth Sun Hat

I admit that I love books.  And I REALLY love crafting books.  Oh, living in the teeny apartment, I’ve gotten good at re-selling those I don’t use (like Amy Butler’s In Stitches – seemed like a bit of a repeat) but one that I’ve kept and find I really love – even if only to peruse from time to time – is Simple Sewing by Lotta Jansdotter.  The projects are cool looking and creative in a way that gets me thinking.  It’s just a lovely book.

As I mentioned in this post, I didn’t want to arrive at my friend CJ’s wedding empty handed and so, two nights before leaving for the very very long drive to Michigan (really, what were we thinking?), I got out Lotta’s book and decided to try out making the Sun Hat.  Perhaps it is sized appropriately for others, but on me, it’s very Mushmouth.  That said, it is also extremely awesome.  I was very happy with the fabric choices – also stuff from Fabric.com that I’d bought to make this hat a couple months before.  This time my online buying was for the win.  Check out this hat!

It is *sort* of reversible – it’s not supposed to be but it actually works.  If I put the flaps completely down (which I think is how it’s meant to be worn) it swallows my face so I solve it by folding up the back and thus the hat sits higher on my head.  A couple other views….

Close up of stitching.  This came out great but MAN, did it take a long time.

This hat got a lot of wear last summer as I am an extreme pale face.  Perfect for the beach.  Fun!


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