WIP: Quilt No. 1; City Quilter review; the Craft Nook

About 2 years ago, I decided to learn to quilt.  I took an *awesome* quilting class with Chris Janove at City Quilter, something like Intro to Patchwork on Machine.  You learn to do it all – how to do different types of squares and deal with triangles and such, how to put together your quilt sandwich and sash and baste the thing, how to machine quilt it and how to bind it off.  The full deal.  Chris is unbelievably knowledgeable, patient, extremely nice and fun.  I came out with some actual skills and a notebook full of notes.  (Additionally, everyone at that store is so nice and helpful it’s ridiculous.  Extremely user friendly for novices.)

Well, my ambition got the better of me in that class.  The assigned project was a 4 block quilt.  I, however, made 12 blocks because a 4 block quilt is useless, right?   Unless you have a pet squirrel or something.

The expansion meant, though, that while I learned how to quilt and bind, etc., I never got to do that on the big quilt, only my practice one.  I am left with a giant, basted, pretty, and pretty useless UFO.  In my tiny apartment.  Not cool.

My quilting got further waylaid by a casual decision to take a handquilting class at City Quilter several months later, this time with Judy Doenias.  It turns out I LURVE hand quilting.  Maybe I would hand quilt the whole thing?

Cue: the end of summer, work picking back up, a boyfriend who destroys his work jeans and works the whole “look how sad I am” face and thus I have to repair said jeans several times, the making of the dress, the hat and various other things, the very sad death of my beloved dog….

The quilt, sitting on the end of my bed, basted with nowhere to go.

And here we are in 2010.  It’s time to get this quilt finished and put to bed – literally.  Especially since I, um, well, sort of bought a ton of really awesome fabric to make a second quilt and I can’t get started on that until this one is done.  Ahem.

Which brings me to the Craft Nook.  At 300 square feet, you were probably thinking the ‘nook’ was my entire apartment but it is not.  The Nook is actually a 4X3′ dedicated crafting area in the bedroom space of my apartment.  It’s been a long time in the planning and many items have been chucked/re-gifted to create this space but about 2 weeks ago the last item was carted off by a grateful friend  (a large free-standing mirror) and thus, the Craft Nook was born.

The mirror being gone opened up the bedroom corner near the window.  My blueprint was to buy a sewing table and install it in that corner and I may still do that.  In the interim though I moved my folded-down dining table  and rolling chair into the space… added my craft lamp and sewing machine, put some of my other things under the table…. and there’s just no turning back.  It is just too awesome.  I can look out the window when I sew.  I can sew at a moment’s notice.  It’s a dream come true!

Feng Shui be damned, I love laying in bed and looking over at that table.  It’s actually MORE relaxing.  I can’t figure it out but I’m going with it.

I’ll post some pictures of the Nook and the quilt as they go forward.  And also the new piece of furniture.  Because, well, we don’t have a table to eat on at the moment.  This is a bit of a problem.  That said, the bf is being very flexible and I appreciate it.  Craft Nook is a go!


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