DROPS Giant Pompom Hat

Isn’t this an awesome hat?

I recently discovered the DROPS website and patterns and lost several days drooling onto my computer keyboard, favorite-ing things crazily, and searching out (usually through Ravelry) various blog posts of those who’d completed their patterns and products.

As this was my first time out with Drops and being already in the middle of this sweater in black, I thought it best to start with a smaller project and thus, the Giant Pompom Hat.

While I made the hat to gauge (and in only a couple days – this is a seriously fast knit), it came out too big to actually stay ON my head!  It could totally have been the yarn I used:  Bernat Naturals in Indigo.   Either that, or the pattern itself – the headband in moss stitch – is stretchy.  But ultimately, the hat, which is admittedly SO COOL, after about 15 minutes, slid right off my head.  After tugging it up every few minutes while negotiating my bag and phone, etc., it was clear it was just not going to work.

Sigh.  Since it was such a fast knit – and so cute! – I decided to frog it and make it again, this time on a needle size smaller.  It came out a lot smaller, especially in the body of the hat, which is a bummer.  Part of the greatness of this hat in my opinion IS the fact that it’s so ridiculously oversized.  That said, if it is unwearable, what is the point?

Slightly less awesome version (which has since stretched out a bit, but only in the key headband area, so, not really helpful):

A part of me wants to knit it AGAIN, this time with the new needle size for the headband and then switching back to the old for the body.  I’m honestly not sure that would work either since I’m thinking the weight of the hat was half the falling off problem.  Thoughts?

We’ll see if I’m that obsessive.  For now, my biggest concern is the fact that the yarn which felt so soft in the package is actually pretty itchy on my forehead.  Some searching yielded a great tutorial on the invaluable techknitting blog on how to line the hat headband with fleece.  So I’ll likely be doing that shortly as well.

Re-reading this blog entry, it’s amazing to me that (a) I am still knitting at all LOL and (b) actually am in the middle of a Drops sweater now.  That said, for that sweater, I went for the actual Drops brand yarn as part-experiment (never used their stuff before) and as part ‘we’ll see if using the proscribed yarn yields better results.’  So far so good but we’ll see.  I’ll post on that one soon.  For now, this is where the giant hat is in its development.  I’ll post any changes when they happen.


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