Thoughts on Garment Sewing

I spent last weekend at the Craft Nook North, my boyfriend’s handcrafted (from recycled materials) 10′ X 10′ camping cabin in Upstate New York. While he worked diligently to prune apple trees and finish construction of a second storage/workshop building, I spent most of my time indoors working on my Drops 103-1 sweater and, when on breaks, trolling the internet for crafty inspiration. A bit hit or miss as it turned out.

I love the *idea* of sewing clothes. I love the concept that clothing will fit me and theoretically make me and my body look smashing. I have a nice enough body, I work out and I’m happy with how things look. But like everyone I’ve got areas I’d like to show off less (tummy) and also, as a medium sized person with a somewhat super-sized rack, finding things that fit and fit well can just be a pain in the ass. So, there’s the lure. Sewing would allow me to make things that fit well. Right?

Hmm. The evidence so far is mixed. There seem to be a lot of blogs out there that feature people sewing but they are written by (a) people who are not built like me at all – have great bodies with small boobs and sew amazing clothing that I would never ever need to wear but want to sew immediately because DAMN these women look good; (b) women who seem about my size and sew clothing I might be interested in but I can’t really tell due to what they’re wearing underneath the stuff they’ve sewn; (c) women built like me who seem to believe a figure like this should be hidden in muu muus and/or items made out of quilting and/or upholstery fabric. No thank you.

So, not very inspirational. Or when inspirational (see point (a)), not very inspirational in a helpful way.

It’s going to be tricky to figure out this sewing thing. I don’t really *need* anything and I’m extremely pragmatic and, as you know, live in a tiny apartment with little storage for clothes. I wear jeans everyday (and have no desire to make my own) with knit tops and/or knit tops with a sweater on top for colder weather. A sundress might be nice for summer. And I suppose I could make a funky top and maybe one or two black things for choral gigs. But really? I’m a chucker. I get rid of clothing all the time. Do I really need to be adding non-essential clothing to my apartment and life?

On a side note, I do promise that if I make something smashing, I will model it with a decent bra on under it. I get it, ladies. Good bras can be very expensive. But if you are over a C cup and/or over 40 and you are going to spend hours of your precious time fitting and making an item of clothing for yourself, cough up the bread for at least one decent bra. Or borrow one for the photo. Because that could be an amazingly beautiful, well-tailored, well-fitting dress you have on there, but it doesn’t look like it. It looks like something you would leave behind in a fitting room because it was unflattering. And if the idea of sewing is just to sew and make anything, even if it fits you like crap, then where is the satisfaction in that?


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