Natalie Chanin meetup and Drops Sweater!

I am still alive.  And I’ve been busy with crafting.  Working on the Black March Basic sweater which is coming along, working on the Drops Swing Coat (done! see below) and, yesterday, going to Etsy Labs to do their Craft Night with Natalie Chanin.

Natalie Chanin was as cool as I thought she would be.  I’ve always been inspired by her ideas and creativity and meeting her, hearing her stories and seeing various samples also gave me some insights into the way she thinks.  Inspiring!

Like all Etsy craft nights, the entire thing is free.  The folks there are SO nice, they hooked me up fully with supplies and, I suppose, as one of the first people, Natalie was very attentive to me, even using my wavy/curly hair as an example multiple times of what cotton fibers look like (ha!).  You could do anything you wanted and I chose to learn reverse applique as I want to incorporate that into future quilting projects.

I hand drew a ‘stencil’ onto the top fabric and got to sewing.  I was surprised that you sew first and then cut after.  Seems like much potential for disaster but Natalie gave us a bunch of helpful tips and I sewed away and it worked!  Below is a picture of what I made (incomplete).  In any event, if she’s near you and you’re interested in sustainability type issues and/or applique/fashion design, I really recommend going to see her speak.  Her ideas and the way she’s done her business are very inspiring and thought provoking.   Her next NYC appearance that I know of is a Crafty Afternoon at the NYPL Main Library on May 15.  I’m sure her website has more information on her other appearances as well.

My project thus far – which will be turned into a hot pad for warm casserole dishes on the table:


In other exciting crafting news, about 30 minutes ago, I finished up the Drops Swing Coat.  This is a crappy picture – the bf is away tonight – but I thought this would tide us over until he and his mad photo skillz return to me.

Check it out!

Totally wearing this tomorrow.  Even if it’s 65 degrees!


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