Upcoming projects – thoughts.

Yes, my next post was to be photos of the Drops sweater.  After the gym last night, I got home and put my PJs on and thus no photoshoot.  I”ll aim for tonight.

In said PJs, though, I got a lot done.  Made tacos out of some CSA beef and the black beans I’d made the night before (yum), got most of the Natalie Chanin project done (or at least the applique part) and did some trolling around Ravelry and the internet to look for my next projects.  Always delicious.

I’m continuing on the March Basic, of course, but with a view toward Spring I’m thinking about these two items.  The first is a bit of a stretch – I haven’t crocheted anything in about 10 years:

It’s DROPS pattern 118-27.  It calls for cotton yarn which would be perfect for a cruise I’m taking in July.  Due to my late night schedule these days, I’m forgoing buying at a LYS *again* and ordered Drops recommended cotton yarn in Denim color from Nordicmart.  I figure I can return it if I hate the color but hopefully not.  I’m chomping at the bit to get this going.  (Finishing the Drops Swing Coat was rather inspiring :-)).

In addition, I’ve been thinking for a while of making  this pattern from Michelle Orne’s Inspired to Knit:

I have some Lang Mystic yarn I purchased from The Yarn Co. about 15 years ago that I never actually used.  It’s gorgeous but a nylon tape and I’ve had no idea what to do with it (I got a sweater pattern with it but it was SO tricky I gave up.  I still have it; I suppose I should look at it as my skills have absolutely improved since then).  In any event, the Michelle Orne might work for it.  I’d make the whole piece in the blue Mystic (while she suggests two different kinds).  The wrinkle is this sweater is small needles and my hands tire easily with them so who knows how long it will take to finish.  But it would be nice to use that yarn as it is gorgeous.  Sad it’s been in a drawer for so long.

This photo does the yarn no justice but hopefully it’ll give you an idea.  It’s a really rich deep blue.

Wish me luck!


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