Due to work, I’ve had little time to craft this week so I’ve been making up for it by spending scattered hours looking at Film in the Fridge. Ashley’s work and attitude are completely inspiring to me.  First, she has amazing color sense. Wow.  She can put together colors like nobody’s business.  Second, her attitude towards sewing seems to be jump in with a project and figure out how to finish it as she goes which is very helpful reading to a rules follower like me.  One of my biggest hurdles is not moving forward without a clearcut plan and it greatly truncates my productivity if not my creativity.  Thank you Ashley for your blog and sharing your creativity with us!

Sticking a toe into the non-rules following pool, I’m changing the way I’m making Drops 118-27.  The directions call for crocheting an elastic thread in with the regular to provide some extra stretch at the waistband.  I’m finding this extremely difficult logistically (gets twisted up, pulls too tight, I can’t stay on gauge….) and now that I’ve had some success at getting going, I’m noticing that since I’m using using this denim colored yarn, the white elastic thread shows up a lot, and not in a good way.  I took the quandry over to Ravelry and, of course, got some immediate and great suggestions.  Should have gone over there weeks ago!

1)  Try a deeper throated hook, like Susan Bates.  I’m using a Boye currently but will be picking up a Bates hook today.

2)  Add an extra row at the beginning and then fold over the edge of the waistband and sew in regular elastic.  If it shows, make a casing.  Think I”m going with this idea…

3)  Make a drawstring and feed it through the DCs (double crochets) of first row.   Backup plan.

4)  Weave elastic thread through first three rows after the fact.  Worst case scenario.

So, there are some ideas there.  For now, I can’t wait to get to the skirt which will be much easier without dealing with that pesky elastic thread.

I’m leaving in 3 weeks for a good portion of the summer for work.  As such, I’m starting to think about what portable projects to take with me.  Of course, after reading Ashley’s blog all week, currently all I want to do is quilt, but the sewing machine is staying home.  So I’ve decided in addition to the crocheted skirt, I’m going to take a knitting project, and after looking at a bunch of patterns online yesterday, decided to go with a new Drops top.  Isn’t that pretty?  Also, I chose it because the pattern up top is very straightforward and I’m going to attempt to adjust the front to make it fit my size.  I’ve found some great tutorials online how to do an FBA with knitting and I’ll post my successes and what I used when I get there.

Photo teaser:

Today I’m off to Knitty City to pick up some linen blend yarn for this new project as well as needles for it.  Because it seems I have every needle under the sun (and crochet hook for that matter) *except* the ones I need for this project.  Isn’t that always the story? LOL.

And lastly, to give myself a little quilting gift for my return, I treated myself to this very cute, lovely-colored fabric, that my pragmatic self tells me I ‘have no use for’, just to see if I can do something with it.  I’m in love with it!  So awesome.  Designer Laurie Wisbrun (Scarlet Fig) is discontinuing this fabric, sadly, so if you like it, you should get over there before the end of the month to grab what you can.

So gorgeous and fun.


2 thoughts on “Acquisitions….

  1. Alexandra Post author

    Truly. I am about 5″ into the crochet skirt (finally) and an inch into the top. And now buying all sorts of quilting fabrics…. busy busy 🙂


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