Quilt No. 2 begins

Don’t look for Quilt 1. It’s not done yet.

But Quilt 2 has finally begun!  I don’t have a bead on what this will end up looking like but, inspired by so many folks who just seem to cut first and figure it all out later, I took some deep breaths yesterday and dove in.

I’m working with cool blues, purples, greens and yellow.  This is for my lavender and dark blue bedroom, so I want to make a fairly minimalist, heavy on white quilt.   I’m starting with 3 strip, 2 pattern 8″ blocks and would like to do the whole quilt in five main fabrics with a shot of some almost-solids, deep blue Moda Marble and a tiny bit of lavender Moda Crackle (all I have left) thrown in.   We’ll see.  95% of my stash are blues and greens so I could add a bunch of other things as we go if it’s needed.

I do love these fabrics together.  How pretty is that?

The ‘heavy on the white’ part will be in the wide sashing I’m seeing for these blocks.

In any event, I’m very proud of myself.  I bought these fabrics over a year ago and have been trying to ‘figure out’ a plan for the quilt and have totally stymied myself.  I actually love what’s coming up by just winging it.  I think I’ll be doing a bit more ‘frogging’ (especially since I cannot add to save my life, apparently)  but also coming up with some combos my brain would not have planned.  We’ll see. For now, improv quilting is a go!


3 thoughts on “Quilt No. 2 begins

  1. Kate

    Hi Alley,

    Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a comment re: NYC tips. I will be sure to visit City Quilter and let you know how I get on.

    Thanks again,

  2. Penny

    great job starting this project! I can totally relate at getting constipated with something and just letting it sit until you get fed up and go for it!


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