Giveaway (not by me :-))

Things are moving a bit 2-steps forward, 1-step back over here at the Traveling Craftnook.  A lot of knitting and crocheting… and a lot of ripping out.  Oh well.  Such is the process of learning new skills, eh?

In any event, I did want to hip any passersby to a great giveaway I came across today on my blog-reading journeys.  Yes, there are a ton of giveaways out there (and I’m not complaining!) but this one is really exceptional and, in my opinion, for a great cause as well.

Check out the grand prize….

How beautiful is that?  It’s fully cleaned up and ready to go.   The full details are here.  Go forth and donate and good luck!

And have a great few weeks.  I’m still traveling around a lot these months for work so no sewing happening at the moment.  I do like having the time away, though, to peruse blogs, get inspired, rethink my own projects… don’t you?  I think the blocks for Quilt No. 2 may be scuttled in favor of strips of different lengths.  I can’t decide if this is cool or if it will look like a digital music wave pattern which is a little too close to home for me to sleep under LOL.  But, as we all know, the beauty of sewing is you can experiment and rip it all out if you hate it!    A very fun thing….


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