Quilt 3.

My dear friend CJ is having a baby boy in November (perhaps on my birthday – gah!). Because she is a generous person and because I am perhaps overly ambitious with my schedule!, I decided to make her gift, namely a quilt. So I ordered fabric. And then I found out she has a theme for the baby’s room and my fabric doesn’t really go. So, to remedy this, as well as make something practical and filled with lurve, I decided to make Joy Bucket’s Peek-A-Boo Bunting Stroller Quilt. Isn’t that awesome?

In any event, after a couple days of sewing, and about 6 hours of sewing just today, the quilt top is DONE. And to say I’m thrilled by the way it turned out would be an understatement.

Here are some extremely shitty indoor-at-night photos for you. I’m going to try to get the thing outdoors in the backyard tomorrow so you can see truer colors but this will give you an idea. CJ and her man are dog people – they live with Elliethedog who is the PRINCESS of the home and is a dachshund. The dogs in the larger pieces really made me think of Ellie which is why I got this fabric. Babies might be cool for CJ but I am a dog person. And thus….

It’s from a 6 fabric set called “Boys will be Boys” by David Walker. I didn’t like one of the fabrics (it’s all about sports and they are both artists) so I’m using that as part of the backing. In typical fashion, even after using the fabric for the front AND back of the quilt, I likely have enough for another quilt or, at a minimum, some bibs and burping cloths. Holy crap, I overbought! That said, I’m in no rush into a new project. I still have to make a backing, baste this and quilt and finish the thing and my track record on completion of a quilt is currently 0-2. Oops. That said, I have a deadline here so I’m determined to finish. Despite High Holidays, vacation and starting up my regular singing schedule again. Um, meep.

Wow, does that look drab. It is understated but not drab – the greys have a lot of blue in them and the maroon is very rich. I am going to the quilting store tomorrow to pick up binding fabric in said maroon for the edging. Here’s a close up:

Okay better colors here. But still, I’ll take new pix tomorrow because this looks both drab and blurry! WTF? Sill, isn’t that cute? You have little monkeys tossed in air, little dogs tossed in air, big dogs hanging out and some dots and stripes to contrast. Very excited. More to come.


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