I am on FIRE.

The back of the quilt is done. It looks awesome. You will have to take my word for it as it is just POURING out and has been all day and I’m not going to torture any of you (or me) with more indoor photos like yesterday’s because ugh. No selling points there.

But the back is cute. I ran by City Quilter today to get the binding fabric, hopeful to match the dark rusty/brown in the striped fabric. Success! I used some strips of that in the back. The back is pieced using up the remainder blocks I made as well as some of the remaining Boys will be Boys fabric pieces. Suffice it to say, it is piecemeal and random but I think it totally works.

I’m thinking I may not quilt this quilt like crazy mainly because I have a piece of batting that is slightly smaller than what is needed (bigger than the quilt top – no worries there – but not quite 2 inches on each side). Thoughts on this? It’s a pretty small quilt – 27.5X45 (ultimately) so I’m just not sure. I suppose I could quilt it and add some extra in at the end. Does that even work?

Anyway, photos when the sun decides to return and it’s dry enough to take all this outside without ruining it. For now, the sweatshop Craft Nook is closed. Off to watch a movie or something equally motionless. Well earned!


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