I’ve been busy.

Behold, my first finished quilted object! Ever. I’m very proud. And completed in time, no less. I finished it up last night, it goes in the mail today and should be to Detroit by Saturday. Whew!

I used the pattern generously published by Susan of Joy Bucket to make this adorable Bunting Stroller Quilt for my friend CJ’s upcoming baby boy arrival. It’s basically a small quilt converted to add laces to attach it to a stroller, and adding buttons to make a little foot pocket to keep the baby’s toes warm. Cute, right?

Front, Back, Close Up:

Back pocket:

As you can see, I did straight line quilting by sight and it came out just the way I wanted – sort of casually straight. Perfect. The final dimensions are approx. 28″ X 45″. I used 2 fat quarters (with many leftovers, could have used one easily and used solids or leftovers to back it) from David Walker’s Grey Boys will be Boys set for most of the quilt (purchased at Pink Chalk), complimenting it with a rust/brown/red pattern I found down at City Quilter for the binding, buttons and part of the back. I added a freehanded label, having been encouraged via blog that it was the thing to do. Anyone else feel weird about labeling their quilts? In any event, it came out SO well – I’m really happy. My classes at City Quilter a couple years ago definitely paid off. Yay!

Thoughts/or comments made to/on the tutorial:

1) The math she had didn’t really add up to the right size of the quilt (at least the way I see it, but math is NOT my forte so….). I left off the ‘extra strip’ she added in the instructions to make it work out right.

2) The tutorial read to me like the buttons go on the front of the quilt but they don’t. They go on the back at the measurements listed so when you fold it they end up on the front. Mentioning in case you are working fast as I was LOL.

3) Do NOT use cotton twill tape if you make this. What a fraying disaster and, of course, I realized this AFTER I’d already sewn the binding on, etc. I tried Fray Check which didn’t work at all, recutting with pinking shears…. Ultimately, I did an overlock stitch twice on each end and am just crossing my fingers that this lasts!

4) I felt the buttons suggested were too small to pop. I wanted to really see the rust color buttons as the quilt is pretty muted to begin with so I switched to a 7/8″ covered button which worked out great.

Further thoughts:

I bought my notions this time at Pacific Trimmings on 38th Street. It’s a lovely store with a great variety but with even-less-helpful-than-usual Garment District salespeople. Go in knowing what you want and what the products do because they don’t seem to know their inventory well at all.

Have a great day. I am!


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