Good enough

Lately I’m experimenting with the concept of ‘good enough’ in life. Typically, I’m a perfectionist. It was pointed out to me recently that due to exceptionally high standards, I don’t get as much done as I could, due to angst. And it’s true, especially when it comes to crafting or quilting or other things I don’t feel I have a true handle on.

So with that in mind, and not really digging the blocks I made for ‘our bed quilt’ months ago, I decided to take some time yesterday to play with my favorite fabrics and see what I came up with. It was a bit scary – cut first and figure it out later – but, with ‘good enough’ in mind, I think I actually came up with something that has great potential.

I love the colors and think they are going together great. There are several blues, some cool and some warm, which will serve to tie together my lavender bedroom and almost-turquoise living room (my apartment is a 2 room studio). I wasn’t sure about the giraffes and other animals but love that fabric and am hoping the overall ‘read’ is modern and not childish. What do you think?

The current idea is this strip (which is 22″ wide) made to the full width of the quilt and surrounded by white. So visually it’s ‘the quilt on the end of the white quilt on the bed’. I’m sure I’ll change it somehow but I’m enjoying this process of cut first and then figure it out. There’s always the seam ripper as a backup plan. For now, my experiment in ‘good enough’ greatly exceeded my expectations and I can’t wait to see how the rest turns out!


How do you craft? Do you have a plan or wing it? What’s good enough to you?


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