The happs

In an effort to get a renewed handle on sewing curves (it’s been a long time), I decided to take a mini-break from the latest quilt to work on some coasters… or at least make a prototype of the design of a coaster. See how that design in my head actually looks. Basically, me likey. With some questions.

It was really tricky to sew that curve and if I showed you the back, well, I give myself a piecing C+ (mostly for effort). What a mess. I’m just not sure if it would be better if I just appliqued it on. That said, my applique skills leave something to be desired.

Exhibit A:

Yikes. Perhaps I’ll stick to improving sewing curves LOL. All kidding aside, I think better lighting would solve a lot of that. That said, I have heard people talking about folks using a roller foot to more easily sew curves. Anyone try that yet? Any advice is welcome!


Today I ran up to see the last hour of Infinite Variety: Red and White Quilt Exhibit at the Park Avenue Armory (thanks for the heads up, Jackie!)

The show was really beautiful. I’m more of a modern fan but still, the quilting designs and quilting work were really incredible. And the exhibit was just fabulous. They completely embraced the space and made it magnificent.

Gorgeous, right? The place was packed and people seemed to be really digging it. Nice to see so much excitement about quilts.


I have a bit more work-work today but then I’m back to the coaster making. Or making a small camera sack for my poor beat up Point and Shoot. Possibilities….


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