There are so many things grabbing me these days. Saturday’s NYC Metro Modern QG meeting was filled with inspiration. So many ideas, choices made, all to visually compelling and often brilliant (to me) results.

And then my blogroll. You guys are incredible.

I’m thinking of making this Malka Dubrawsky creation for Mother’s Day. So simple when you break it down, but what a great result.

Second, through AmandaJean’s blog, I discovered Dutch artist/quilter, Dirkje van der Horst-Beetsma. I would love to see her work in person (I suspect I’d need to go to Holland to do that….) Check out one of her quilts:

Brilliant. The tear off is cool but what I’m most intrigued by is the way she puts her ‘solids’ together. Very impressionistic and cool.

For now, it’s back to work. And maybe ordering fabric. It’s hard to stop myself when there’s so much beauty around….


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