When the weekend is not a weekend

There was not much crafting this weekend so I thought I’d post a review of some fun things we tried out yesterday.


As a complete devotee of licorice, I was very excited to walk past this new Swedish candy store yesterday afternoon. The space is very white and open, the candy selection very interesting albeit a bit limited (but I suspect they may be expanding in more as the weeks go on) and the product is priced according to neighborhood (expensive) but it was very fun to go get a mixed bag of all sorts of licorice, especially salty, and try some out.

That said, I tried about 7 kinds yesterday (oops) and have to say I prefer the Licorice Cats I get from Myzel’s and will be sticking with those. Myzel’s has both traditional Cats and a new smaller slightly salty variety – both are excellent. If you are also a licorice person, I recommend them. Myzels’ boasts over 100 varieties of licorice at their establishment. Plus some kick ass chocolate covered grahams if that’s more to your fancy. SO good. Still Sockerbit was fun and had some bf favorites like Mars Bars. Nice to have a backup store in another neighborhood I frequent.

To mitigate the candy damage and use up a Groupon we’d purchased, my bf and I then headed over to take a Gyrotonics class at Body Evolution.

The bf had taken Gyrotonics years ago, before it was even called Gyrotonics in point of fact, and spoke highly of it, so when a $30 for 5 class deal came up on Lifebooker we decided to take advantage. After singing and standing Saturday night and all Sunday morning, I really needed/wanted a stretch and I totally got it. The workout was simple but still vigorous and Body Evolution studio had a great vibe and lovely staff. We both noted last night that we were tired but not really that sore or achy and definitely felt stretched out. I really recommend this if you are into pilates, yoga, etc. Gentle and effective. I’m looking forward to our next class.

After the class, I went off to an afternoon quick church service gig and the bf went home to start the plants that will be moved to his upstate garden once spring is in full swing. And because we didn’t have anything else to do with our time (ha!), we went to see Born Yesterday with tickets a friend had passed along to me yesterday morning.

The two stars, Jim Belushi and Robert Sean Leonard, were, in my opinion, merely okay but the actress who played Billie (Nina Arianda) was really stellar. I hope she gets some recognition for her work because damn, she was great. This is based on a Judy Holliday movie; she was a master at pulling off quirky characters without making them into caricatures and I felt like Nina Arianda really nailed that as well. Kudos to her.

After that crazy weekend, I have a crazy week. Concert rehearsals and concert on Thursday followed by Easter week rehearsals and gigs. Busy busy… except for this Friday which I’m keeping open as best I can. A little Anti-Gravity yoga I’m thinking and then a binge of Doctor Who. Can’t wait.


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