Books and other reviews

I have a cold. A doozy of one, and as a professional singer (in Easter/Passover week, no less), that puts me in lockdown mode…. Sleep, water, neti pot and books. I’ve read some great ones over the past few days and since I’ve done little else, such is my update….

The first was Three Junes by Julia Glass. A friend gave this to me several years ago and I can’t believe I put off reading it. Fantastic writing and pacing…. This is essentially three stories, spanning about 15 years, each centered on members/friends of the same family. The book begins in Greece, travels to Scotland, Greenwich Village and lastly, the Hamptons (Long Island). Her writing is completely evocative and I felt I could have read more about each character, they were so likable. Strong recommendation.

Second, Saint Maybe by Anne Tyler. This is another one that’s been sitting on my shelves for a while. A story that spans 20 years of a family’s life, mostly centered on the life of Ian the teen-to-adult son who had a religious conversion and chooses to quit college and help his parents raise some children. The book does not delve into his faith much, more uses this as a talking tool about Ian sorting out the concept of forgiveness and moving forward in an unplanned life. Tyler’s writing is fantastic and the book is a very fast read. I am a slow reader and finished it within 24 hours! Another strong recommendation.

I’m now continuing my binge with the Shipping News by Annie Proulx. At this rate, I’ll be ready to add some more books to my collection this summer. I tend to pick up books at garage sales, used book stores and then read them as months pass. That said, I have 3 full bookcases so perhaps ‘this summer’ is being a bit optimistic LOL.


Last but not least, our CPE Bach concert got a very nice review in the Times. I had only the tiniest solo, so no individual shout out pour moi, but was more than pleased to be lumped in with the ‘consistently admirable’ soloist quote. And my hair (if not me) made the photo. The blonde smush (noticeable to the left of the bassoonsist’s head) is me. Given the hassles my hair gives me, it’s nice it got this sort of recognition, right?

Since it’s copyrighted, I cannot insert the image but you can find the review here if you are interested. Enjoy.


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