Crochet, anyone?

I like to knit.  Or rather I’ve done a lot of it, but my first love (like first-when-I-was-10) is crochet.  I spent ages making a queen sized granny square afghan as a kid that I still have and use.  As an adult, I’ve attempted a few crochet projects but so far nothing has stuck.  That said, I’m hopeful this one will.  Gorgeous, right?

I have this fabulous yarn, a silk/linen blend, waiting for a good use, so I’ve started.  It helps that the designer, Doris Chan, is active on Ravelry.  She posted answers to my questions about it within a day!  Definitely makes me feel more confident about taking this on.

The yarn is Misti Alpaca Tonos Pima Silk and is a silk linen blend that is SO soft with a beautiful drape. It is wheat color with some yellows and a sea green flowing through it.

Better photo of yarn:

Gorgeous, right?


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