Getting ready for summer

I work as a singer pretty much year round and long hours, many 7 day weeks.  So this summer, I decided to indulge and cut back on the gigs, focusing on spending time with my family and boyfriend.  This leaves me with a lot of time when traditionally I’ve had none.  I’m both excited and a bit terrified.

And thus, goal setting time.  Here’s what I would like to accomplish in my (hopefully) copious crafting hours this summer.

1)   Write one new song.  Yes, I know! It’s a music goal but it must be done.  I’m looking forward to it!

2)   Take a garment sewing class.  I had such a dud experience last time at Make Workshop (her type B teaching style just does not fit with my type A everything style), I’m reluctant but it’s time to start googling and find a class.  I really want to sew clothes but being not a perfect size anything I’m reluctant to fight with fitting.  And thus…

3)   Keep working on the new quilt top.  It’s gorgeous and I love the improv of it but I’m feeling unfocused.  Hopefully if it’s on this list, I’ll get it together.

4)   Repaint/finish this:

Picked up this damaged but cool telephone table at a garage sale last year.  It’s the perfect sized computer desk for the Craft Nook North but needs some major love. So refinish?  Paint?  And if so, white? Black? Green?  Decisions….

5)   Paint this:

I hate sleeping on an air mattress (or rather, my back does) and thus, my boyfriend BUILT a bed for me at our camping cabin/Craft Nook North.  It’s 2 custom cut foam mattresses, each is 30’X75’ (so together they are a quasi-queen) on some hacked IKEA sprung slats over a frame he built.  During the day it is set up daybed style and at night it opens up to 2 beds side by side.  Put sheets on it and it’s a queen-sized bed.  Isn’t that the best?  (And it’s seriously comfortable as well.)  I’ll be painting the wood parts white this summer.

(Incidentally, the cabin that the bed is in, he ALSO built, largely from recovered materials.  He’s amazing and blogless.  Thus, I pimp his creations as I can…)

Other possible goals:

6)   Grow something.  I don’t know.  I’m so BAD at plants.  Unlike pets who demand food and drink if you forget, plants seem to look fine one day and then die.  (Based on this, would anyone EVER adopt a pet out to me? LOL).

7)   Cook something.  TMI alert – I have both GERD (and a rather drastic form of it) and IBS so I eat the same 10 things over and over.  I’m bored and given that in years past (pre-awareness of GERD) I was rather a good cook, I’m thinking it might be time for me to come up with some new treats before I turn into either a pretzel or a turkey sandwich as that is close to all I eat and I’m close to becoming both. Ugh.

8)   Finish this crochet project. It’s gorgeous, right?  And portable.  But again, I’m feeling unfocused on this.  We’ll have to see.

9)   Make a sloper.  This is obviously a HUGE project so we’ll see if I can find a sewing class first.  Here’s hoping.



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