New Bike!

I sing a gig with the Albany Symphony once or twice a year.  After my show with them in February, I went to check out the L.L. Bean store there.  I love their stuff but always hesitate to order out of catalogues because I can never seem to accurately nail my correct size.  My plan was to try on a few things to get sizing for future purchases.  That’s just how I roll.

But then… as we walked into the store, I saw this beautiful bike:  The Acadia Cruiser.

With the expanded NYC bike lanes, I love to ride a bike but have a really crappy Craigslist bike which has been ridden into the ground and is just not comfortable.   So the idea of buying a new bike has been in the works for some time.   It was just a question of riding a bunch and picking one out.   This bike had everything I was looking for.  So so tempting.

I took it out for a spin in the cold February weather and the thing rode like a dream.  I hesitated to buy it as Albany is not exactly close for any sort of maintenance and there are several really great bike stores right in my neighborhood which throw in very nice perks with a purchase, such as 3 years free maintenance.  These are real considerations.  So, being practical, I admired the AC and left.  With regret.

I returned to NYC determined.  I had another gig in Albany in May and decided that if I couldn’t find the Bike O’Dreams in NYC by that point, I’d get the AC.   Thus, on a nice spring day, I went to my local guys, rode a few bikes, talked to a lot of people, etc.  The bike shop guys were great – could put it together if I ended up getting the L.L. Bean bike, etc.  Or could order me anything I wanted.  Blah blah.

But I hate to buy stuff I haven’t tried (see ¶1) and what they had in stock just didn’t cut it for me.  And thus, on my May concert trip this week, I indulged.  Here is a photo of it tricked out with lights and new lighter weight (but still NYC worthy) lock.  The basket is from my local guys who will end up doing my servicing.

Pretty (if a little blurry), right?

It’s a lightweight alloy 21 speed Schwinn with both a seat shock and a full front suspension system.  Additionally, it has padded handlebar grips and one sits much more upright than on a typical mountain bike (my old ride) which helps my shoulders incredibly and the seat is just damn comfortable.  I suspect it’s going to take a while to figure out the best way to use all the gears (I upgraded from 10) but it is a DREAM.  I’m so excited and can’t wait to ride all over New York on it.

Goal for 2011:  To circumnavigate the island using the Greenway system.  I start training this weekend.  Wish me luck.   My boyfriend who is just 2” taller than me has adopted my mountain bike and game to come along, at least for the training part.  Fun!


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