(Awesome fabric by Alexander Henry.)

My ‘sewing class this summer’ goal is reached!  I’m so lucky that the second/other singer on the Albany gig not only clicks with me musically but we also have extremely similar outside interests (she knits, sews, grows and cooks stuff – soon she’ll be raising chickens in her backyard in Brooklyn!).  As such, during the three hour ride each way, we do our voices no favors and talk for hours LOL.  In any event, on the ride home this week, I told her about wanting to take a sewing class and she said she’d taken an awesome sewing class this past Christmas.

Her:  “I made a skirt and it actually fit me.”


So I called them (Sewing Studio, linked above) and they have a session starting TODAY or I could wait until July.   I decided to go for it and signed up on the spot and am heading down this afternoon for my first class.  My head is still spinning as I wasn’t expecting to get from point A to point B in only a few hours.  It’ll be a bit of a push to get all the supplies together in the HOUR between work and the class but I’m so excited.  I’ll report back after class.  Yay!


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