Sewing Class is Awesome!

I just started a sewing class at the Sewing Studio in Chelsea and I’m already impressed.   If you are an organized type A person, this is the class/school for you.  My teacher, Celeste, is incredible.  She majored in costume design and promises we will all leave knowing the proper and most streamlined way to sew and a number of helpful techniques.  In the class we will learn various seam finishes, how to insert a zipper properly, how to finish garments properly, make a drawstring pouch, a zipper pouch and a skirt with a pattern of our own choosing (that said, the pattern must be approved by her) and size it down so it fits us.  All sewing is done in class so you don’t need to do much at home other than cutting, etc.  I have a machine of course but I’m liking that we are forced to work in class where Celeste is available for our questions.

A bunch of students had never touched a sewing machine before but by the end of the first class, all seemed comfortable with sewing a variety of seams and finishes.  A testimony to her great teaching.

Off to shop for patterns now.  Very exciting!

P.S.   If you follow Gertie’s blog, this is where she teaches sewing.  I tried to get into her classes but they were (unsurprisingly) sold out.  That said, I think I scored a winner with Celeste so I’m very content in my class.  Enjoy.


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