Bike riding and other adventures

As you recall, I bought an awesome bike.  I’ve been riding it to and from my church job for the past few weeks (I work in the Village, right off the Henry Hudson Greenway so the ride is fantastic) and today, I was very excited that my boyfriend joined me on the ride.  He conveniently consults at an office 2 blocks from my church so we each went off to work and reconvened after for my first bike ride ‘errands’ trip.

First stop, P&S Fabrics in Chinatown.  This place is a trip and I’m not sure it would be my first choice fabric store but it had several KEY elements going for it on Sunday:

  • It is open on Sundays;
  • It is one of the few (if not only) full service fabric/notions/everything sewing stores in Manhattan.

Excellent.  So we rode on down and I tortured the boy by having him help me pick out fabric (and he tortured me by finding the most hideous fabrics I have ever seen and suggesting those – hilarious) and we found a total winner. Gorgeous and $6/yard.

A dark (darker than this picture suggests), printed denim.  Cute, right?  Pending Celeste’s approval (it’s a little on the heavy side and thus might not fly), this will be the skirt.  Since P&S sells notions as well, I walked out of there with cord for the drawstring bag, zippers for the skirt and zipper pouch and thread to match all as well.  Score.  Done shopping for class!

Less of a score was our grocery shopping by bike through midtown.  Yikes.  Oh well, you win some and lose some.  At least the trip to church/Chinatown was a success!


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