Drawstring bag

Class was again really fantastic.  We learned about how to make your fabric on grain, how to pin the patterns properly so your skirt will hang right and last but not least, we made our drawstring bags.

In point of fact, I finished this tonight because I had a total SNAFU in class where I sewed the bag to itself.   I’m embarrassed because the aforementioned women-who’d-never-touched-a-machine were sewing circles around me.  That said, if someone was going to mess up and get behind it was good it WAS me since I have a machine at home and have enough sewing knowledge I could just follow the instructions in the text-pamphlet and finish the project myself at home.

Did I mention they have a whole printout textbook thing?  All the lessons are covered in the book.  Additionally, the course runs on a curriculum so if you miss a class you can take a general makeup the same week which will cover what your class did without you.  I am so impressed with this workshop.

I also am having serger lust.  We keep finishing our raw edges with serging.  LUST.  I wonder if I (a) have the dough to get one and (b) more importantly, have a place to store it.  The Craft Nook is wee and getting wee-er as my bf moves more of himself in.  May just have to enjoy it while the class is going on….

Off to do a big homework assignment for class:  Putting our skirt fabric on grain, pinning the pattern to it and then cutting out the necessary pieces of fabric for our zipper pouches.  Whew!



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