It’s been quite a week.  As I fell asleep the night before sewing class I realized I had pinned my skirt to the fabric backwards!  D’oh!  I’m too much a quilter in my head.  In quilting you cut on the right side; I forgot that in sewing the fabric is pinned to the wrong side.  Thankfully, again, the Studio is smart.  Our assignment was to pin the pattern to the fabric and to NOT CUT ANYTHING OUT.  That part was emphasized LOL so while the mis-pin was a major inconvenience, it was hardly a disaster.   I stripped the fabric before work and re-pinned it after work and got to class on time.

We had a sub teacher this week who was very nice but much more casual than Celeste.  That said, that was probably good for me as I can get a bit obsessive (FYI :-)).  She approved my pinning layout and we all reviewed each pinning layout of each student as a group to discuss the goods and bads of various folks’ layouts.  Very helpful.  She helped me basically grade my pattern down from waist (size 18) to hips (size 15).  She said we’ll fit it to my body after that and then cut it down from there. Cool.

Then we started on our zipper bags.  The instructions were really convoluted (to my linear mind) but in the end the method seemed brilliant.  No having to fix or finish the bag from the outside.  It looks very professional if I say so myself.

Fabric from IKEA.

I filled it on the subway home (one woman filled hers in class before mine was even done LOL).  It’s really great.  I found the zipper insert a bit tricky and was again glad that the zipper pouch was an assigned class project – IOW, that the first zipper we were inserting was NOT the zipper for the skirt.  I think that next one will go more smoothly.

Next week, we start on the skirt!  Mine only has 5 pieces so I suspect I may finish mine before the end of semester.  If I do, I may just get some tan twill and make it again.  Can’t go wrong with an extra pencil skirt, right?

P.S.  I suspect folks may get zipper pouches and/or drawstring bags for Xmas.  These projects are easy and very cool.  Score for me!


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