Plant Parenthood

I am not a great plant parent.  Dog parent – well, it’s debatableI felt I was; but I suspect my dog would have upped the treat level greatly had she been in charge back in the day.

But I digress.

One of my goals this summer was to maybe, MAYBE, grow something.  My track record is weak.  My boyfriend built me a grow light shelf since my apartment is so dark.  I managed lettuce for a few weeks before it succumbed.  Subsequent herb plantings died.  Even my grass died.  Above is a photo of the box’s state as of this afternoon.  Calling it bleak would be generous.

Plantings upstate two years ago – seeds in a quasi garden – yielded nothing.  Last year, my boyfriend built me a garden bed of my own in his fenced garden (and have I mentioned how awesome a man he is?!) and I got some Echinacea to come up.  But for the most part, my thumb, it is black.

Or so I thought!

These are the upstate flowers planted 2 years ago.  Surprise!  We woke up this past Saturday morning and there they were!  I immediately weeded around these few stalwart champions so they could possibly continue to grow.   We suspect they were so short last year amidst the forest of Golden Rod, we didn’t know they were there.  Now, they are weeded and sequestered in an official flower bed so as to not get mown down by accident in my boyfriend’s weekly mow-trips.

I also planted some bargain bin bulbs in the blank areas which I’d gotten Friday night on a whim at Home Depot.  I’m so excited!

That said, perhaps I’ve just make the plants more obvious for the deer?  We’ll see who survives here.

I didn’t get to spend too much time in the other (deer-fenced) garden bed but flowers are coming up there too!

Very exciting developments.

On the NYC front, I decided to try out herb growing again but this time at my office.  The other woman there is great with plants and I’m hoping her (perhaps) intervention will save them if I forget their existence.

Behold my dill plant from Home Depot which is on the sunny terrace of my office.

There’s a post-it on my computer screen reminding me to water it.  Anyone want to take a bet how long this plant survives?


And last of all, Happy Birthday, Dad!  You are the best!

(And he is.)


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