sand sand paint paint

One of my many summer projects was to refinish this telephone table.

We got it at a garage sale for $10.  The stool ‘lives’ in the base of the table and rotates out for sitting – very cool design.  That said, this sucker has major water damage to the finish and thus a total redo was in order.

I decided against refinishing it entirely.  Perhaps I’ve been reading too much Apartment Therapy but I’m really feeling the white on white space lately, especially as the cabin upstate is tiny.  And thus, I got some Glossy White Painter’s Touch paint to finish the job.

I spent Saturday cleaning and sanding it.  My bf felt obliged to take action shots of his girlfriend wielding the power tools LOL.


Are you impressed?

It took HOURS and I ended up just covered in dust – disgusting – and generally disfigured from all the bending over.  Satisfying to finish but ow.  Not fun.

Sunday I did two layers of primer (trying to get the dark out so the white paint would ‘work’) and then two layers of paint which stuck nicely to the sanded base.  That said, the color of the table was so dark even after sanding – I’ll admit after the first coat of paint I was feeling like this project would never get finished but thankfully, about an hour before we headed back to the city, after the second coat, no more brown was showing through and I was able to declare this ‘done’.

Isn’t that gorgeous?  Solid glossy white (now).  Very cool.  I left it to dry for a few weeks and will put it back together (I separated the chair and table for ease of painting) when I get back up there.  But our passage to white on white cabin is well in progress.  Next up, painting the bed and ‘dining’ table.  Work in progress.

And now, off to sewing class.  Today we start sewing our skirts.  So excited!


More Holidays:  Happy anniversary to my sister!



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