Impt! Check fabric placement *before* cutting

I’d seen that on the fabric when I went to wash it and forgot about it.  When I unpinned the pattern pieces from the skirt there it was, smack in the middle of the back.

It’s not horrible, and I probably could have gotten away with it, but as my first project I’d like it to be ‘right’ (why sew otherwise?) so I trucked down to P&S after work to get another yard of fabric.  At $6 a yard, seems dumb not to fix it, right?

So, lesson learned.  Additionally, had I placed the fabric differently I could have avoided this area entirely and not had to buy more fabric.  Oh well.  Nice to learn on a cheap piece of readily available fabric!

Meanwhile, I sewed up the rest of the base of the skirt.  Apologies for the crappy in-the-mirror shot but you can get the idea.  Not bad, right?  It actually is skirt shaped – amazing how that happens.  I also completed the interfacing, initial stitching of the waistband in class so I suspect this is going to be done before the end of term which means I get to start another project with Celeste by my side.  What to do?  Better get shopping!


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