For those of you with Acid Reflux….

I hesitate to post recipes here because I eat perhaps the most boring diet in the world due to having an advanced form of GERD. One of my goals this summer, though, is to try to come up with some good substitutions for food favorites especially in the area of total LACK of any recipes at all found on the internet – mainly ways to eat vegetables and/or salad. It’s tricky b/c Acid Reflux disease means:

No tomatoes
No garlic or onions (or any in that family)
No black pepper
No vinegar
No citrus fruit; really limited citrus juice

And thus, one is told to eat salad, but then one is told you can have no dressing or really other flavoring you would normally have ON salad. Frustrating.

In any event, I came up with Not-ziki the other day. If you have garlic limitations, it’s actually a pretty good sub for tzatziki, especially on carrots – yum! (That said, if you can eat garlic, for heaven’s sake, eat the regular tzatziki – this is BORING by comparison. Let’s be honest….)

Without further ado, I give you – fellow Acid Reflux suffers – my version of


1 c. Fage 2% greek yogurt, drained
(yes, drain the already drained greek yogurt a bit further, make it thick!)
half a large cucumber, seeded and diced
a LOT of fresh dill, chopped (I use scissors)

Pretty creative, right? (Look up a tzatziki recipe – this is pretty much it with no garlic. No trademarking this thing here.)

I pretty much did it all to taste. Let it sit overnight and you’ll probably need to add salt to it again when you eat it. The consistency I went for was extremely thick with cucumbers. Add minced cucumber and dill to taste, of course, but try to make it really chunky so you get as much cucumber flavor as possible (which admittedly is a very mild flavor so you need a lot – crank it!).

I find this tastes better after a couple days in the fridge. The dill really comes together with the dip. Enjoy!


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