Skirt Update.

After my last skirt post’s crap photography, I really wanted to redeem myself with a better picture of the skirt ON. That said, this week’s sewing class involved inserting a waistband, fitting the skirt down to our bodies (cool!) and inserting a zipper.  Having only gotten through part of the zipper installation, my skirt is currently in a very fitted and un-unzippable stage.  Since this is a straight skirt, there’s no way I’m getting this sucker on until that zipper is available.

My ever-accommodating can-do boyfriend did not think these things should hold me back from that ‘skirt on’ picture, however.

Yes, folks.  That’s my boy.  Skirt fit right over his man-hips.  I’m both pleased we got the shot (and amazed it’s in focus as I was doubled over laughing) and a little depressed LOL.  Still kudos to him for eagerly taking one for the team so you could all see my progress.

And now,  since I feel his man-body is a bit distracting, a few more pictures of the skirt inert, on the bed sans man-person.

Coming along.  Even more skirt shaped than before.  Need to turn under facing at top, finish zipper and hem.  Then we’re done.

Semi-close up of ease-stitching. Very proud of that.

Can definitely use some work (which is why it is still basted – tweakage) but I think it’ll iron out okay.



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