Other than the hook and eye, it’s DONE!

Not bad, right?  That said, it is about 2 sizes too big.  Sadness.

Keep in mind, we already sized the skirt down by taking off a good 2” at the waist and back.  I’m not sure what is up with this.  I have a 32” waist (which is size 18 –which I cut) so it should have been fine.  I suspect I either didn’t sew a full 5/8” seam allowance thus adding more fabric or, after reading the forums at Pattern Review, that pattern makers are adding a  buttload of ease to patterns that historically was not there.  Since I’m using a fabric with a fair amount of stretch, I likely needed almost no ease at all.

We have one more class left this Wednesday.  My plan is to take the skirt with me – done – and see if there’s anything that can be done to size it down further.  Ultimately if the sizing requires me to take it apart, I’m cool with that – it was an easy skirt.  Additionally, if I mess up the alterations, since I had to rebuy a yard of fabric anyway, I could totally remake the skirt in a size 14 or 16.  So, upside.  But bizarre, right?

Additionally, I’m going to start on a new project this weekend so I can take any questions to class as well.  I’m making this dress.


I’m really excited to try this pattern (making dress on left).  A) I’m making a 14 which is my high bust measurement AND B) the pattern comes in cup sizes so I’ll make a C cup automatically (no full bust adjustment (FBA) by me is necessary).  Score.  I’m a little concerned about the waist on a 14 as it is 28” but I’m thinking I’ll make the first pass – a rough and dirty version of the pattern – out of an old sheet so I can check sizing before I break out the BEAUTIFUL fabric I bought the other day at Metro Textiles.  I’ll post more about that soon.

Wish me luck!


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