Fab Shopping

As you have read, my next project is this sundress.  Here is the fabric..

Is that not *gorgeous*?

I’m so pleased.  I find the Garment Center to be really non-user friendly (or rather non-hobby sewer friendly) and a bit intimidating.  So, game face in place, I set out Wednesday with dim hopes of finding anything.

I first hit Paron which was listed on Pattern Review as ‘well-labeled bolts with clear prices’.  Cool.  Because at this stage of the game I can identify cotton, wool and silk from a basic perspective but not with any sort of specificity.  The pattern called for Sateen, Crepe de Chine and a few other mystery fabrics.  Yikes!

Paron like most stores is a bit overwhelming.  But they did have swatches attached to each bolt and stuff was extremely well labeled with prices, etc.  That said, the prices, OUCH.  I found a really nice fabric for $16.50/yard.  The pattern calls for 4 yards.  I know that sewing is not cheap but I’d like to hold off a major investment until I have more confidence in my sewing, you know?

Onward.  I next hit NY Elegant Fabrics.  Their run of the mill (boring) *quilting* fabrics started at $12.50 per yard.  Quilting fabric – not going there.  Disappointment.  And now it was raining out which seemed a pretty apt but harsh commentary on the day by Mother Nature.

So I decided to go to Metro Textiles.  People on Pattern Review have spoken about the great prices and really helpful owner, Kashi.  But again, I was intimidated and nervous about going to a store that’s on the 9th Floor of an office building (hard to say you were just ‘walking by’ LOL) and checking it out.  Still, I braved up and went.

WHAT a pleasant experience.  Kashi basically acts as a personal shopper and he has great stuff.   I described what I wanted, showed him the pattern and then he took the time to help me shop.  He pulled out a bunch of fabrics, asked me what I liked/disliked about each and we ended up with 3 fabrics I adored.  No settling at all.  And all for $6/yard.  I mean, SCORE.  When I finish the dress, my next project will be an A-line skirt and I am absolutely going back to him.  I can’t recommend him enough.  Lovely.


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