Skill building…

Tomorrow is my last day at Sewing Studio.  I am sad – I’ve really enjoyed this class, the teacher, and the women in the class.  Such a great camaraderie and mucho inspiration.

I’ve been thinking over my skills gained in class, my sewing progress and where to go next.  I’ve also been thinking (and feeling a bit sad) about the state of my skirt, sizewise.  It’s such a cute skirt but it is pretty huge.  Tomorrow, I’m taking it to class and I’m going to talk to the teacher about whether I should start over with a smaller size, just ‘call it’ and ditch it, or if there’s a way to size it down a bit. It’s all I have to do tomorrow and we have 2 hours in class and she’s there to help fit me (much easier with two) so hopefully I can at least get started.  Ultimately I think the pattern ended up being styled a little fuller than I’d thought when I looked at the drawing AND I made just too large a size, especially with that stretch denim.

So, lesson for this week – how to read the photos and technical drawings.

Right?  Not exactly a pencil – although pretty form fitting. Hopefully we can get my skirt closer.

In terms of where to go next, I really want to sew that Vogue dress for starters and then make a few other things you can see on my Pinterest board.  And to help me do that – and because I LOVE a class – I just signed up an online sewing class of a dress that is similar to the Vogue dress.  The class, ‘Sew Retro: Bombshell Dress‘ is taught by Gretchen Hirsch a/k/a “Gertie” and features her signature vintage style in a dress very similar to the Vogue dress in style.  The class is for medium to advanced sewers and involves a bunch of fitting and advanced couture techniques including underlinings, bra shaping, boning, etc., stuff that is WAY over my head, but it was cheap and the bodice so similar, I figured, why not?  I might learn something that will help me.   I may or may not make Gretchen’s dress as well as the Vogue dress because, let’s face it, that is an AWESOME dress but we’ll see.  Suffice it to say, I’ve already watched a couple lessons and have totally learned a few things.  If nothing else, I hope to make the muslin bodice which seems to involve a bunch of things I’ve never attempted before.  Fun!


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