Skirt is DONE.

That said, it took some work.

As you may recall, my skirt had a bad case of what this blogger aptly referred to as ‘skirt dumpy butt’.  Tragic.

I spent tonight in class, our last class (sigh), taking in the side seams a LOT, with my teacher’s pinning help.  What a difference.  It was a bit of a job – had to rip out a few things to get down to the side seams but we were able to leave the zipper, darts and hem undisturbed so after 2 hours, it – meaning the skirt in its entirety – was DONE. Very exciting.

The final product.  First, no more dumpy butt. Thank goodness!

Isn’t that cool?  I think in a way picking a pattern that was way too big taught me a lot.  First, ease is a factor not to be ignored.  I like my clothing fitted – not skin tight but tight – so I can probably err on the smaller side when I’m between sizes and then tissue fit and/or cut larger seam allowances near the waist.  We ended up sizing the whole skirt down at least a size so I think I can start with a 16 or maybe even a 14 (grading up for waist) next time.

Plus all the alterations gave me a great insight on how to fix some of my RTW too big items.  I’m really wishing I didn’t get rid of all my too big gowns a few years ago – ack!  I think I could now fix them!  Oh well.  I suppose I’ll just have to MAKE a gown now, right? LOL.

In any event, I’m really thrilled with how it came out and again, can’t recommend enough the Sewing Studio for classes.  They are organized with great instructors and you get to pick out your own pattern enabling you to choose something that suits your style – totally worth it.  I’m excited to see what courses they are offering in Fall.  I think they’re doing a Party Dress class and a jacket class.  Fun, right?


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