As I mentioned before, I am taking Gretchen (Gertie) Hirsch’s Sew Retro: Bombshell Dress online course in order to make V8725.  The dresses are similar and I thought taking her class would be both interesting and probably informative towards making my first dress.   That said, as it’s billed for people who are intermediate sewists with quite a few dresses under their belts, clearly I am not someone who should be making this dress.  Here is a picture from Gertie’s site:

That said, I’ve watched a few lessons and want to at least make a muslin of the bodice because I think, especially how I’m built (D cup), I will learn a lot doing that.  As such I went out and bought all the makings of that and also printed out the pattern.

Still, that doesn’t really give me a *project* so I set off to the Garment District one more time to hit Metro Textiles to see what Kashi had on hand.  I was thinking A-line skirt project for next weekend. Fun, right?  Who can’t use a skirt?

I picked up three yards of this which might work.  I got three because I could also see this in a casual sundress.  That said, given my figure, the print (I’m sorry there’s nothing on there for scale – the flowers are about 6″ around) might just be too overwhelming.  But at $6 per yard, I thought I’d get 3 so I had a dress option.  We’ll see.

And I also got this.  I intended to just get two yards of this but it was the bolt end so he gave me 3 for $5/yard.  Steal.

Now, that I’m home looking at it again, though… I’m just not seeing an Alex skirt in there for me.  Maybe a high waisted pencil skirt that’s lined?  That would work.  But this could also be a figure fitting dress in a more retro look….

Oops. I think I may have just, inadvertently, bought fabric for the Bombshell Dress!

I’m still on the fence about going beyond that muslin bodice (I could also use this for a different dress, right?) but with a possible loss of $15 of fabric (plus many notions which I’m clueless about), it might not be a bad project to take on from a ‘learning’ standpoint.  The fabric would be great for it.

Am I crazy?



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