Upstate Update

Meant to post this last week but sewing got the better of me!  In any event….

A lot has been going on at the Craft Nook North, mostly – to be fair – by the bf.   Some of it was very exciting.  And not in a good way.

When the boy set out to build his cabin, he first put up one of those hoop greenhouses covered in plastic to keep his wood supply and other materials dry.  Then he built the cabin right next to it.  Which means the front of the cabin – a wall of windows – basically has had a view of the plastic greenhouse for the past few years.  Not exactly what you’re hankering for in a visit to the country.

Anyway, after a couple of years of gentle loving urging by yours truly :-), last weekend, he obliged me with moving the greenhouse.  But it turns out the greenhouse already had a bunch of folks living in it.  And they were none to happy to have their nice warm, dry, wood-filed condo moved.


Is that not totally disgusting?  These are photos of but 2 of about 15 snakes… that were seen.  Who knows what else lurks?  Hilariously, the boy started this project early in the morning while I snoozed in bed about 4 feet away.  He said he was shouting (he picked up wood to move it, encountered a ball of snakes, some poisonous, who then – Indiana Jones style – all took off in different directions, yikes!).  Apparently, I just slept right through it all.  I’ll be great in a fire situation someday I’m sure.

Ultimately we ended up moving – carefully – the greenhouse without removing the wood first.  Seriously, we left the wood where it was.  Post move, the snakes came out and went under a bunch of times, again probably wondering what had happened to their sweet living situation.  We decided to leave the wood there for a couple weeks in hopes they will move out (and not into the cabin, a troublesome thought I am currently denying my mind….). 

In more positive happenings, here is our new view.  Greenhouse detritus aside, nice, yes?

Some new flowers came up in my gardens:

My bulbs are popping!

After five years, his Hazelbert trees are bearing fruit:

We got some wild raspberries in:

And lastly, the crops are coming in as well.

More soon.  Hopefully less snake-filled.


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