The Un-Craft Nook

After a relaxing and extremely visity week ‘down the shore’ we have returned to a land of utter disgustingness.  Above 100 degree temps and horrible air quality – yikes.  I am holed up in my apartment, eating cereal and cheese (not much food in house after week away), with the A/C cranked yet barely keeping us at below 80 degrees inside.  That’s how crazy it is here.

That said, while down the shore, I took advantage of my grandmother’s huge dining table to make some progress on the dress I am not making. Behold –

I am good to go.  I am really psyched to try out the muslin for the bodice of this dress and/or get started on the bodice of the Vogue dress.  That said, I just can’t bring myself to turn on an iron in this heat and thus, I continue on semi-vacation – i.e. I am *reading*.

For the readers out there, Vacation Book Overview:

The Girl of his Dreams (Guido Brunetti novel) – fast read, entertaining but much like the others.  Nothing exceptional but still fun to read a mystery taking place in Venice.

The Help – great book.  Got off to a sort of hokey start but then progressed into a total page turner.  Really interesting read.  Rec!

Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.  I picked this up at a shore garage sale and really loved it.  My bf’s daughter also read it on the trip so it made for some nice bond-y conversation.  That fact probably tilts my review a bit.  That said, I’ll likely read the others when I’m on vacation next year.  Good vacation read!

Just starting – “Waiting to Exhale.”  Another shore acquisition – this time in a ‘free’ box on my bike route – ha!  It’s a bit dated (very ‘of its time’) but I’m finding it compelling and very readable.  This is what I’ll be doing the rest of the night and likely until this heat breaks.  Hope you all stay cool and comfy wherever you are.


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