Crafting has been interrupted due to Nookxplosion.  No lives were lost but it was close.  Very close.

After misplacing my tracing wheel (and I have two!), scissors (I have three!), elastic, you-name-it for the umpteenth time, and inspired by this post, I realized that my usually organized life was completely absent in the Nook.  I’m very organized because I find it de-stressing and the Nook was, quite frankly, stressing me out.   Time to fix.


My dresser acts as a ‘floating’ space for crafting as I need the surface area but patterns, pins, fabric with nowhere to go were starting to sit there most of the week.  Not very restful to have all this crap out in the bedroom.

In the right of the photo is the corner of my crafting ‘desk’ which is actually an expandable table.  It fits perfectly in this corner but the surface (when closed, which is the only way it fits in the bedroom) is about 2’X3’.  Not large.  Stuff was starting to live here as well as these items also had no permanent home.  I would just move them to the bed when crafting and then back when not.  Not great.

This is my living room.  I don’t craft in here other than to use the floor to cut out fabric.  But this picture is a mere fraction of the homeless stuff that needed storage.  Times that by four, folks.  Scary.

One evening of planning and an afternoon at the Container Store (sale!) and I’m happy to say things are back under control.


Ah, much better.  When I sew, I put my ironing board at the foot of the bed so I can just swivel around from machine to ironing board.  It’s hard to get OUT of the space, but it’s very handy to be in close quarters when quilting, at least.

Here’s a view of the desk and the new storage under the window.   The tub on bottom is the improv quilt I’m working on slowly.  Above is a new basket from CS which holds my patterns, pressing ham, tracing paper, notes and assorted rulers and pattern paper.   No longer will these things live on the dresser.  Nice.

The desk features a recycled pencil cup from work which holds my smaller rulers, seam ripper, scissors and marking pens.  I also have my machine, iron and water bottle there.  I’m considering shelves for them in the future as I do need to move those big items when I need more surface area.  The jade plant moves already and will continue to do so; I just wanted a plant in the bedroom and thus, it moves.

I added these cool removable hooks for my rotary cutter and pinking shears on the wall to the right side of my desk.  It keeps them accessible but not having to be stored which is great as they are bulky.  My ironing board is stored (hidden) behind the curtains which divide the bedroom area from the living room.  You can see it peeking out there on the right.

To the right of my desk, in the doorway between the bedroom and living room is my  ‘recovered on trash night’ rolling cart which is now reorganized to reflect my current garment focus.  The top two drawers hold thread, bobbins and other notions and other sewing gear, with nice divider boxes also from the Container Store.  The bottom two drawers hold current knitting/crochet projects and embroidery projects and some quilting fabric I’m playing with.  Ouch, I need to reorganize that bottom drawer LOL.  In any event, all drawers are P-touched and identified.

And finally,  I added two new huge under bed tubs from CS to my existing 2 smaller tubs.  The new tubs hold most of my quilting paraphernalia and batting plus additional fabric and yarn.  Everything’s labeled and it’s easy to get to as my bed is on risers.  Also under the bed is my childhood Brio loom which my sister just gave back to me.  Because 5 crafts weren’t enough I’m adding weaving at some point.

When you factor in the surface of the dresser, the Nook is about 6.5” X 6”.  Small but workable.  If you are someone out there who has a similar size space, I’d love to hear your storage ideas.  And if you are someone in a bigger space who feels cramped, just think of me and you’ll feel all better in no time.


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