August Fever

Am I the only one who has ground to a creative halt this August?  It seems to happen every year – I’m not sure if it’s the heat/humidity or rather early childhood training that August is play month and thus, no work gets done at all.

The ‘no work’ portion is only partly true as I’m working my butt off moving boxes at my part-time day job (we’re moving soon and thus sending 100s of boxes off site to storage every two weeks, most of which are moved by yours truly – ow) and come home exhausted and also, we did a fair amount of work this past weekend up at the Craft Nook North.

As you know, we moved the greenhouse a few weeks ago.  Now, seeing that (most of) the snakes are gone, we moved all the wood they’d been living in thus creating a fully open space in front of the cabin.  It’s still muddy but the possibilities are endless.  Given how my bulbs are going, I may plant some out here as well.

This may be the first year in several that we actually have apples.

The CNN is on 3.5 acres of old orchard so we have quite a few apple trees around.  The trees are old, many die off each year, but the ones that survive are the most interesting varieties of apples ever.  Some are tasteless (i.e. good for cider, which we do not make) and some are the most flavorful apples I’ve ever had in my life.  We suspect they are varieties that just aren’t grown anymore due to the fact they aren’t reliable.  See note about not having apples for a few years.  We’ve had weather and tent moth issues.  This past year, the bf spent many hours killing the moths and the weather’s been right so I think we’re in for a good stash this year.

The squash and cukes are looking good as are the peppers, brussel sprouts and cabbage crops.

The squash plot was BUZZING.  Check out the bees enjoying themselves in the squash flowers.

Oh! and strawberries.  They take a few years to really take but we’re already getting a few tasty berries to sample.

Last year’s Christmas tree is doing very well.

My flowers are mostly done but there are a few that must have been amazing while we were away.

In true August form, while the boy did a lot more work than me (he’s building a workshop for himself), I spent much of the weekend crocheting and then ripping it out and reading.  He tries to be as literary as me, but trust me – if it’s not sci-fi or green building related, he’s not reading it.  The book shown, btw, is the Adventure of English by Melvyn Bragg – about the history of the English language which *I* am reading and finding completely fascinating.  Strong rec on this one.

So overall a read-y, non-crafty few weeks here.  I hope to have something to show you soon that’s actually hand-made (indoors) but for now, back to my books!  Yummy.

Cabin, unfinished, with new view, as of August 2011.


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