With Fall comes…

The end of the blog vacation.  I have missed blogging but what an incredible end of summer we have had.

We did some home repair:

And then there were two bikes on the ceiling.  Nice to have my considerably tiny small floor space back!

We rode a 10 mile chunk of the Catskill Scenic Trail.  We dragged our bikes upstate (get to Penn Station, put bike on NJ Transit which is officially bike friendly but actually really bike un-friendly, then get off IN Montclair (where the car lives) but not at our regular stop b/c ‘you can’t get off with a bike there, only at THESE stops’ IOW, see note about NJ Transit’s unfriendliness).   Not so fun in a driving rain.

In any event, we dragged our bikes upstate in August and rode a part of the CST.  Truly fun and beautiful.  It’s a 26 mile rail trail “built” on the former Delaware-Ulster Railroad line.  It mostly winds through people’s farms and a few small towns.

Corn!  As high as an elephant’s eye, indeed.

We met folks.  Some were friendly.

Some snubbed us.

Thereafter, we ate some lunch and rode a ‘scenic train ride’ on a section of the same train line that was obviously NOT converted to a rail trail.  Here are some shots from that:

We also visited my Dad (separately) at his cabin ‘for the hurricane.’  Sadly, it was much messier upstate than in Manhattan itself.  I have read no news of the rail trail or train line but they were smack in the middle of the intense upstate flooding that occurred as a result of TS Irene.  I’m hopeful this is not the end of these great places.  They were in the process of creating a lovely depot museum and had lots of artifacts.  So keep your fingers crossed.

Labor Day brought with it a family reunion including trips to the Jersey Shore and Great Adventure.  And one last bike trip with my boy to Governor’s Island on 9/11 where I forgot to bring my camera.  Hopefully I will not be kicked out of the Bloggerdom for this egregious mistake!

More on crafting very soon.  Singing has picked up again intensely and I am rehearsing crazily for a concert next week.  Hopefully – despite the High Holidays starting directly thereafter – I’ll have something crafty to show you all soon!


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