Crafting and Music

It seems that as my music career (which mostly occurs during the ‘school’ year) gets back in swing, it kills all my craft points.  I have no real problem with this – obviously, as a musician, I LIKE being creative as a musician.  But I do miss doing anything else.

I was reminded by how much I missed it when I set out to make a book cover for a 2012 page a day diary I purchased for my Mom for her birthday.  She loves her diary and, while I bought her a nice Moleskine, I wanted to do a little something extra for Mom.  Behold:

My mother loves dogs and thus….

I wish I could tell you I followed a great tutorial to make this and then link you to it, but each tutorial I reviewed was extremely vague and didn’t work.  I had to rip out and readjust this thing FOUR times and it took probably 12 hours to make something that could have easily been done in three.  And the only way the last version fit was by me sewing the flaps together by HAND (another 2 hours).  So it was frustrating.  That said, Mom loved it and I got to bond with my sewing machine and THAT was fun.

Above is a shot of the back cover.

Inside flaps – again I had to hand whip stitch around the bottom to make it fit.  Had I edgestiched on the machine I would have lost a 1/4″ from the length and I just didn’t have it even AFTER I had already taken the whole thing apart and made it an inch bigger. Sigh.

Book unfolded so you can see the whole pieced piece.  Crazy quilted to muslin.  That part was fun!

This weekend I’m heading down to P&S to pick up some cheap knit fabric.  I need some new tops and thought I’d experiment on a knit.  I may kill myself over it LOL but we’ll see.  Hopefully I’ll even have the time and energy to cut the thing out.  Work in progress.


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