Welcome 2012.

I am a doer.  How obvious is this?  Well, apparently, pretty — because the holiday gifts from people I love skewed (for the most part ) to activity related presents:

My boss, Rob, who knows me extremely well after 22 years together, told me he wanted to get me some ‘really nice’ wool for Christmas so I could make a new sweater for myself.  Did I know what I wanted?  Hah!  I had emailed him a link within minutes to my favorite local sheep farm, Morehouse Merino.  Their stuff is gorgeous and, thanks to Rob, I now have a ton of it!

He got me enough for both the ‘Carla’ sweater (it came with a pattern) and a matching hat.  Awesomeness.  I’m a slow knitter but I already have a found rounds on the needles.

It’ll end up a turtleneck pullover, super warm and perfect for cold days both here and upstate.  Can’t wait to get it done – although I am a slow knitter so I’m thinking next Christmas?  So so soft.

My techie boyfriend also hit the jackpot of gifts for me with the Fitbit Ultra.

I started running recently and mentioned I wanted to know how far I was going and this thing does it all and then some.  This tiny gadget attaches to your pants or bra and tracks your miles/steps/stairs and then syncs to your computer.  It can also track your food, sleep and a bunch of other stuff.  It even sends me emails when I hit certain goals as well as weekly email roundups.  Awesome.  If you want a great pedometer, I highly recommend this.  It has a whole free interface online which will track your weeks of working out so you can review your progress.  Very nice!

So it was a great Christmas and new year and here we are – resolution time – and what are my goals exactly?  Do I have any?  One of them would be to be more consistent with this blog.  Since writing things down tends to yield better results than just thinking about stuff, here are my goals for 2012:

  • Make a dent in the new Rob sweater.
  • Make a quilt top (my Myrzplyk design I’m working on – more later) for our bed.
  • Make 2 knit tops – figure out how to sew knits without a serger.
  • Make 1 sundress of awesome design (not by me).

Doesn’t sound like much but I think it’s doable considering the rest of my life:

Music: Voice lessons, classical singing improvement; rock singing improvement; actively practice guitar and piano to improve those; starting songwriting again.

Exercise: Finish the Couch-to5K program (finally);  Feldenkrais minimum 3X per week; dance 1X week.

Spirit: Completing Artist’s Way (finally).  Meditating 20 minutes per day minimum.

Brain: Continue my German class and study.

Life: Spend as much time with my boyfriend, his kids and my friends as possible.  Also read 40 books – my goal for 2012 on Goodreads.

Money:  And of course, singing work and paralegal work.  Can’t forget those.

If you were wondering where I disappear to when I’m not blogging, see the above points.  It’s a busy life but I love it.  Now to make some time for just ‘being’.  Can I do THAT?


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