Field Trip: Museum at FIT.

Part of doing the Artist’s Way is doing an Artist Date so I decided to inspire myself to sew some clothing by visiting the Museum at FIT.  I stumbled across a ridiculous fun/cool/beautiful exhibit and I encourage all to check it out before it closes in May.  It’s free; no excuses.

No photography is allowed in the exhibit so I have little to show you but there are gems like this *beautiful* hat by Dior (Stephen Jones), this Alexander McQueen, Balenciaga, Paul Poirret, Christian LaCroix, Schaiparelli and many others, all from 20th and 21st centuries.  Damn.

Despite my desire to sew clothing, I would not consider myself a fashionable person.  I’m not *unfashionable*; rather, I am utilitarian.  I fit in without standing out.  But I was ready to change my life and become a fashion designer (or museum curator) just to get a hand on these clothes.  So gorgeous.

And I was truly inspired apparently because I came home and spent 3 hours starting B5495.  Nothing to show yet, just a few seams done, but I’m hopeful to have it all completed by this weekend. I’m making the view that is white with black circles. Mine is a brown print – very cool and mistake-forgiving. Excellent for a first knit project. So far my feeling is knits – what’s the big deal? Different but not so difficult. Of course I have not completed and tried on said project so my view on this could change LOL. Will post more when I get there.

For now, get thee to FIT.  Go!


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