No TV experiment.


My poor abandoned blog.  My half abandoned projects.  What do I want from life and am I getting it?

Let me back up. I had surgery in March.  I didn’t expect to have surgery but there you go, surgery was necessary, I’m recovering very well (thanks!) but it’s slow going and I have been spending a lot of time at home.

But now, for the most part, I AM recovered and thus, what do I want out of life and am I getting it?

Surgery gives you a lot of time to think.  I did that.  I got back into meditation and Qi Gong practices.  Love both.  I knit a lot.  I read books.  I watched a LOT of TV and got out of town a bit to go upstate with the boy.  Bliss.

But I’m better now and I’m still watching a LOT of TV.  I am caught up!  This is neither here nor there. I have no TV hate but I find, for me, that I’m just hiding out in TV land and I’m not sure that works for me.  So many craft projects, books, naps remain undone due to TV watching. Plus I’m a TV watcher-snacker. This is not where I want to be!

And thus, starting today, I am embarking on the no TV experiment.  Will I survive?  I’m really not sure.

Many blogs do conceits for ‘one year’ and the projects are really well thought out. This one isn’t. I thought of it this morning in the shower. I only have one rule and ‘out’ so far and each is as follows:

1.  No solo TV watching at home. Social TV watching is okay – I’m not going to get all militant about it. But when I’m home in the apartment, there’s music, books, and OUTDOORS, etc. Try to find pleasure in those. Also, if I’m out of town in a hotel room going nuts (this will happen in 3 weeks :)), TV watching is okay!

And rule 2. Well, there really isn’t one. Unless you want to count – “if you hate Rule 1, you can abandon it”. This is an experiment, after all, and not a project per se. But it’s Friday today so I’m facing one night and two full days alone in my apartment/NYC. It’s expected to rain. Will I survive?  Dun dun dun.

We’ll see.


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