First thirdly report.

Yes, another update today.  Did I mention I miss TV? In any event….

Meant to do this at the end of March (making it a first quarterly report) but then that whole surgery thing got in the way. Oh well. But as you can see I have made more than a dent in the wonderful sweater my dear friend Rob got me for Christmas.

I’d say I’m about halfway there. I have pretty much stuck with my row-per-day plan, give or take. It is amazing how much you can get done doing such a small amount each day. Very exciting!


What you are looking at is most of the front done up to the armhole divide, and the back totally done up to the neck.  I am about to start on the front leading up to the neck – I have to figure out the yarn join, etc.  Always perplexing to me.  I even emailed the yarn/pattern people at Morehouse for advice.  It’s their own fault I email them.  When you click submit, you get sheep ‘bahh-ing’.  Awesome.  Anyway, we’ll see if they have advice.  For now, I’m done knitting for today.

So rest of front, then the sleeves and the turtleneck. Should be done just in time for July. Wait a second….


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