Gnome Appetit.

After years on the wait list for a community garden plot here in Hell’s Kitchen, we are finally at the top of the list and thus eligible for a sublet. The boy and I leapt at the chance. Check out the new plantation:

Not sure if you can tell but our plot is half of a former double plot. In this photo, taken in late March, my boy is arranging bricks to split the garden back into two plots. All you non-NYers are probably cracking up at the size of the plot but we are very excited about it. In fact, within 24 hours, my boyfriend had crafted a layout plan and everything:

Not at all over the top.

A week later we got in and moved some existing flowers around, weeded extensively, yanked some old bushes that were taking over the joint and I redid the walkway very nicely, if I say so myself:

And here is where we stand thus far this week. Got some lettuces peeping out and discovered that the prior owners had a TON of flowers planted on the right side so we’re leaving them for now. Today I planted beets to add to our already planted but not yet growing nasturtiums and cilantro. All we need is that gnome! Please, someone, send us a gnome!

So pretty! Thank you former owners!


2 thoughts on “Gnome Appetit.

    1. Alexandra Post author

      🙂 We really want to re-home a gnome but no one is giving them up. That said, we are entering garage sale season so anything could happen…. Thanks for reading!


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