Give me a B….

It feels a little off topic to update music here since this blog was designed for life and hand crafting but music is a big part of my life, I’ve sort of abandoned my music blog and wow,  I have a fun gig coming up.  If you are reading this from the Albany area, I hope you can join us for this special annual event.

May 18, The Dogs of Desire at EMPAC, Troy, New York.  Tickets:

I’m singing May 18 with the Albany Symphony’s new music ensemble, The Dogs of Desire.  This special concert features both me and fellow singer, Martha Cluver, as we weave our way through a wide variety of music written for this chamber ensemble.   The music this year is intensely beautiful and features both new works and some handpicked Dogs classics including selections from Todd Levin’s Amnesia Machine (one of my favorite pieces on Earth – seriously), Michael Daugherty’s What’s that Spell (you may have heard this piece NPR’s New Sounds with Lisa Bielawa and myself as the dueling Barbie dolls), a new work by theatre composer, David Mallamud, and a few special classic Dogs encores which always treat.  It’s always a wild ride and is a truly unique special ensemble and a very fun concert.

I hope to see you there!


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