It has been a very busy couple of weeks here at the Nook!  In addition to spending many hours learning music, knitting, reading! and (mostly) NOT watching TV, we updated our garden a bit:

The former plot ‘owners’ had installed a trellis which had windowbox brackets so we got some planters.  These boxes are planted with basil (not commercial seeds – boy had saved them himself!), cilantro, rosemary, dill and parsley.  Hopefully the seeds will take!

Just in case the basil *doesn’t* take.

I know.  The Frog Trio took some convincing of the boy but he broke at my sad face and insistence that at $3 it was a totally necessary purchase.  Is it not just the ephemera needed for any distinctive garden? Anyone can have a gnome, but these guys?  Come on!

(We are still holding out for a gnome.  Please send!)

We have burgeoning lettuce, nasturtiums and beets.  Our carrot (left from former owner) is looking good and it seems we have some leftover dill as well.  I did plant a bunch but I can’t get enough so we’re leaving it for now.


Carrot.  Apologies for the seasick-inducing aerial view.  That said, you can see how tiny that red leaf lettuce is in comparison to the carrot.

Some more ‘leftover’ flowers are about to bloom:


Cilantro (I think):

Nasturtiums and dill (same pot – who will survive?!):

Last but not least:

In indoor gardening happenings, the bf donated this cool tomato starter to the cause.  We are starting orange tomatoes (supposedly lower acid) and cantaloupes in here.  Both need to be planted outside with warmer temps so we’re getting them started indoors.

More music to learn.  Off to cram….


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