Greetings from Albany

I am up here to sing with Albany’s Symphony’s Dogs of Desire this week, a gig I look forward to each year. The music is extremely eclectic – we have a couple rock type tunes, some full on semi-atonal new music, a couple jazz-influenced songs, an operatic Telenovela set to music (which is hilarious), a bunch of 1960s type things, and well, you name it, we’re doing it this year. There’s just one performance and it is always a hit! I recommend you check it out. Like much new music, it’s not recorded – this really is the only opportunity to have it touch your soul. Don’t miss it.

Tickets for May 18, 7:30 p.m. Dogs of Desire at EMPAC

Also, this Thursday, May 17, at 10:06 a.m., I will be doing a brief radio interview about the Dogs on a program called the Roundtable, on WAMC public radio. If you are not local, I believe you can stream the program from their website linked above. If you are interested in hearing about the Dogs and my experiences with them, please tune in and keep me company. Fun!


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